Sheet Metalworks

METALTEC offers a wide breadth of metal folding, profiling and welding services to its customers, we have built our reputation on achieving the impossible by undertaking steel fabrication projects that many of our competitors would never consider.

For over 25 years, customers from the construction, jetting, and offshore industries have hired METALTEC to manufacture and fabricate simple, through to unique and complex components involving project management to meet all requirements, this has enabled METALTEC to create a very diverse customer base.

METALTEC | Competitive Advantage

  • Our technical precision allows us to continually ensure that all dimensional tolerances and accuracy in all angles are achieved to our customers’ exact specifications.
  • Given our large selection of machining and fabrication services, our operations allow for creativity and flexibility to design and manufacture the best tooling solutions, providing efficiency and increased productivity with each metal forming and metal bending project.
  • In-house capabilities facilitate our ability to create a variety of different shapes and forms that your metal bending projects specify.

From the most demanding bending application to the simplest metal forming project, there isn’t any metal bending services we could not provide to our customers.